Friday, November 24, 2017


Well I just hate to miss out on this little BLACK FRIDAY event...
So until midnight Melbourne Time tonight 24 Nov 2017
We are doing the 50% off EVERYTHING...!!!

Order normally &( I don't process any payments over internet) 
 I will take 50% off when order & add postage on
 ( I know spoils some of the gloss but I have to eat) LOL 
Email you when all is done 
Happy Shopping today
Barb xxx 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Give Aways & Beyond
To be included in the draw for  one of these 3 "Hamper" of my  creations leave me a comment on the blog 
BY Monday 27th dec 2017 
The first hamper is just fun & as I had enough in my box for 2 smaller hampers.....
open to international also.

 This is the view of the carded buttons in first hamper as is the one above
 This is one of the 2nd prizes
 as is this

This is Christmas & a time I give back to my customers and followers ......
The Hamper gave me that memory of the HUGE Christmas Stocking raffled in the street of my home town when I was a preschooler...
How I dreamt of winning that filled many a hot night as I drifted off to sleep.
More Christmas memories 
again I was a pre schooler & I realised too late ...
I had not written my letter to Santa
 I was a bit distressed... Santa wouldn't know what I wanted & I may get nothing..
I had found my parents on the back verandah with a friend ....
quickly covering & making some story of the little doll's bed I spotted.

That Christmas I had this lovely handmade wooden bed.....with clothes lovingly knitted for my resident doll.
My mother used to knit this layette set in gorgeous design after I was in bed...
Mum was not a keen knitter... so this from I think from a magazine pattern.
In times in later years I would have hand crafted  & bought toys....
Many years later in the early days of the Woodcutter's Daughter in the height of country decorating that was now leaning slightly to primitive more simplistic decorating...
My brother would make 100's of smooth perfect cinnamon buttons & dry orange slices for me & my customers...
I would open a box in Canberra sent from Cohuna & the smells were Christmas....
The house in Cohuna would be overwhelmed with the aromas of cinnamon & orange.

Is it any wonder I still play Christmas decorating .....
from the paper chains.... made from was it newspaper & clag & the tinsel that came out each year & it was all so special...
Today .... not much has changed in that spirit of Christmas.

Some families bake for weeks prior to a feasting day...
This was not the tradition of our family.& it has never been mine...
My cousins & aunt arrived around this time to spend a month of long summer days under our huge willow tree.... during the day it was myself & my cousins playing & in the evening it was a more sedate time with the parents in charge.
So my giveaways bring with it memories of that elusive Santa who rode the night sky with his reindeers on Christmas eve & I had the imagination then to see that in the night sky before I was 5 ....
They'd lock adults up for that nowadays .LOL ...but much of the imagination was fed with tales our parents wove & had, I guess, been passed down from their parents.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Painted Tags

I have wanted to explore this for some time...
Yesterday it all happened !

I had these tags cut from a previous thought explore that didn't quite work...
Yesterday I found their purpose.

Monday, November 20, 2017

So Slow

I could start whining.... but doubt I'd stop until sunset..
about technology we pay for & get half sorted ideals....
electricity threats to cut off in summer...
I grew up with the lights plunging in country Victoria but power was from our Butter Factory 
Which is where Factory & Field Christmas & gift shop is now...
Different sort of light now 

More tags...
I did clear the table after I did another batch of tags...
Such fun... it must be like cooking biscuits & decorating them
Have you seen the amazing art work on those biscuits...????
I have a pinterest page for them....only because I admire the work it is so beautiful ahhh !

More tags which I plan to load onto the website under tags later today...

GIVEAWAY..... no not these tags ...
Just checking who reads way down here...
I want to make up a HAMPER to be my CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY...
I will be announcing it via my newsletter 
for my special friends 
I may do a smaller Giveaway thing from my FACBOOK
Theodora Cleave page... ( I haven't quite figured out that correct address but comes up on search ..sorry )
while we are in the Christmas Spirit 
I will do a smaller giveaway on here too...
to my loyal folk...
Give me a few days a I have painting to finish an order today 
* *** and other committments..
so keep watch..psst I have not told anyone except my blog yet !

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Tags & Decorations

I promise these few available will be on the website today !!!
I had to decide which ones would be decorating a tree or tied to a gift...
framed  ...
Yesterday, the table did not get tidied...
This is what happened ...
As I picked up things to place in boxes etc...
This bird I did some time ago got in the front of everything.. 

So I gave in to that desire !

A little washi tape...these rather sweet tags & some of my ribbon stash..
They work so well in small frames or hoops..
or just have one for a gift...
for yourself perhaps.
They are all one only's under Tags on the website...
each is $4.95 a tag.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Trims I love to use

I can never put them away.
When I work with Christmas 
I use these gorgeous white scalloped tags sometimes...
I always want Bakers Twine close it is an absolute must
The red & white spool of ribbon...again that sings to me always 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Been to the Tree Farm Button sets

How many of you recall my stitchery little booklet & some buttons & there are some Thread keepers based on the original well as this little car button with Millie cat in the back seat...
We still sometimes hit the open road ( in my memory)
I decided  we could head off to a Christmas Tree Farm....
I have a tiny tree with a snowflake etch on it & the car in one set is painted red & the other is left sepia to show off all the design etched detail inside that car

Magic on a small gift bag to hang from your tree...
Sew a small stocking just for this little scene..
One set of each so far & only a few more to do ...


Thursday, November 16, 2017

The red stocking

This is the red stocking still only half stitched around the edges...
As I mentioned in last blog post how simple these stockings are..
I am pondering giving this stocking layout with the purchase of each santa button / & decoration as it fits them all nicely...
I draw stocking reasonably quickly, so it is something I'd like to share.


I had a wonderful surprise this morning when Lisa from Max & Louise sent me a little extract from their quilt book....
I have been thanked ..( no not for buttons or anything to do with my designs) but you will need to buy the book to see the rest...
I too want to buy the book once it lands in Australia or I could buy it from Quilt mania...

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I Love Stockings

This stocking is in a delightful soft slightly off white woollen felt..
Simply hand stitched in running stitch ..
Add a large decoration ...for the centre piece 
A snowflake button for the top...
Sew the 2 pieces together 
Done !

My creative adventure began doing a handcrafted big market for 5 years...
To get the volume of stock I always found a simply way...
My design work reflects this today over 25 yrs ago.
I work simply
It is a pleasure.
Yesterday I took a red felt stocking ,a circle  & strip of white felt & one of the new santa buttons
my little yellow shaker tin sewing box
to physio.
While I wait ( as I am usually early ! )
I stitched most of this stocking....
not that I was waiting too long, it is so quick to stitch..
I'll show you later.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Christmas Cooking Buttons

I have made a few sets of buttons that will be great gifts for your talented friends
I have used a dedicated category in buttons Gift Sets easy to find.
These are priced a little special too....
At the moment I am only doing these as one only sets...
Adds more fun for me LOL
There are other buttons...dogs, cats ....

As well as this little set with the mini geese & a winter Christmas set I think.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

My home Decorating

Well it is Christmas 
I know it has been Christmas for months 
I have found my cloth santas...
The ones I have designed in Woodcutter's Daughter era & kept

Love the boots I did the other day & along with the pudding decoration ...things are cheery

Past design works...
Had a nice little fossick in the boxes in the garage

Country Santa 

The deers are so versatile....that I may hold the remaining ones for myself.... 

Found one of the fabric birds I did many years ago now ...
I found a spot for it
Love the camera image in the mirror

The mid range deer that went on the website yesterday in this red & a grey ...buttons can be tags....great little quick gifts for friends who love this sort of thing...
These guys will come on the tag & string..

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Plum Pudding Mini Hanger

Meredith's gorgeous mini felt hanger sets off my plum pudding button....
Thanks Meredith  !!